A worn-down garbage man fights to make a living in the concrete arena of the Bronx. One night, he is unexpectedly laid off and fears becoming a homeless pariah. Amid his final farewell, a blown fuse sends him wandering through the night in search of his destiny.

Director: Kevin Haefelin
Switzerland, 2022
18:30 min | trailer

Kevin Haefelin (he/him) is a writer/director from Switzerland based between New York and Geneva. He graduated from Columbia University with an MFA in Screenwriting and Directing, he is a member of the Swiss Film Academy and BAFTA Connect. He recently completed a trilogy of short films on New York City and is developing his first feature “Pufferfish” which took part of the TFL Veneto Writing Lab 2022. Moreover, he was invited to participate to the Kyoto Filmmaker’s Lab in partnership with Shochiku Studios and the Biennale di Venezia College Cinema.

Kevin’s work revolves around societal issues and uses comedic tones. He is particularly sensitive to social injustice and misrepresentation and has been striving to voice concerns and anchor his pieces in contemporary settings. His films have been invited to 32 countries within international film festival programs, including 13 Academy Awards® qualifying festivals, and have won over 40 awards. His body of work has been showcased at museums and landmarks such as Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Kyoto Museum, but also Brooklyn Museum, Lincoln Center, World Trade Center & Apollo Theatre in New York City, and TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles

He was nominated for the Pardi di Domani Award at Locarno Film Festival, IMDb New Filmmakers Awards, BAFTA Student Film Awards, Swiss Film Award (Quartz), and his work has been broadcast and prebought by the Swiss National television (RTS) and appeared on demand on Xfinity by Comcast NBCUniversal, Mubi and Amazon Prime.

Kevin Haefelin, Director of The Fuse (2022)




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