Five-year-old Sophia’s world is full of vibrant discovery: color, light, nature – she is full of life. Centered on her mother’s gaze, and excitedly expecting her devoted attention during a game of Hide and Seek, Sophia climbs inside a toy box, thrilled by the idea that her mother will come looking for her.
While waiting, the child falls asleep. When she awakens, her universe has altered irrevocably: her mother has left her asleep and taken her baby sister out in the car, where an auto accident claims the younger sibling’s life. Sophia tries but cannot find the connection to a mother now broken by grief and trauma. Her father too, is absorbed in their pain, and cannot give Sophia the support she seeks.
Sophia tries everything she can think of to break through Julianne’s sorrow. She attempts to cheer her mother up with a special treat: candy! A chance encounter with the lost sibling’s favorite song plunges her mother Julianne into yet another bout of despondency, which Sophia’s offering cannot penetrate. In time, as Julianne begins to recover, it seems all she wants is to start everything anew. She has exciting news for Sophia: a new sister will soon be born. Sophia sees herself as a part of the old, sad world being pushed away, and soothes her loneliness in a world of fantasy.

Director: Nela Wagman
Live-Action, United States, 2021
12:56 min | trailer
nominiert für Best Short Film 20MINMAX 2021

Nela directed, wrote, and starred in the short film That Was Delicious, which will be distributed by Gonella Productions. The film has screened at the Manhattan Film Festival, the Golden Door International Film Festival, YoFiFest Yonkers Film Festival, NY Indie Theatre Film Festival, the Red Dirt Film Festival, and the Silicon Beach Film Festival, among others. Nela’s theater directing credits include the OBIE-winning My Left Breast by Susan Miller. As Founding Artistic Director of the award-winning Watermark Theater, Nela created and curated the WordFire Festival of Solo Performance, and has directed and developed plays, films and solo works in Manhattan, and at regional theaters across the United States.

Nela Wagman, Director of Come Find Me (2021)




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